Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why Choose A proffesional Caterer.

I can't believe it's nearly a year since i posted here , very bad but then again we have been busy ,
 i often wonder how food bloggers get the time to cook , sit , eat and then write a blog about what they are cooking , well done to them , must start following some !!
Anyway I'm going to try and make an effort on these dark nights and start passing on some of my recipes , i might not have photo's of them all but i will try . the main reason for this blog is well i suppose it's to let me have a wee rant and let off a bit of steam and off course let you know just how professional we are here at The Crest Catering Company.
Over the last few weeks and also i suppose because things are getting tight for other establishments we have noticed an increase in non registered caterers here in the Northwest , that is to say everyone seems to be flippen doing it , now that's all well and good everyone is entitled to make a living and I'm the first man to congratulate someone on their success and give advice when asked or where needed , however when it is starting to effect my business then I'm going to start to bring it to the public's attention.

Here at The Crest Catering Company we have full  E.H.O. approval , that is to say we have a H.A.C.C.P. plan in operation , we can trace every single product , we store, cook, cool or serve food to the highest of standards ,there are enough fridges in my kitchen to run a small hotel ..... when required we hire refrigerated vehicles at no extra cost to our clients.
Every event is cooked , supervised , served and guaranteed by myself.
In the history of my Company we have never let a client down , disappointed or God forbid had a case of someone being ill from our food , hangovers yes but that's out of my hands !
We serve or food on real plates , use real knives & forks not paper crap , butter , sauces , dips are never served in plastic sachets and dare i say it tartare sauce is home made.... it annoys me so much to see jars of tartare sauce in a kitchen , it is the most basic of things to make !!!
We have received nothing but praise over the years for quality , service and value for money.

We also have Full... and i use the term Full Public & Employers  Liability insurance , that is to say that in the event of anything happening while we are at your event then your covered and me too !!
We pay our tax's too that's another sore point nothing like a VAT bill to bring it all back to reality , but then it's all part of the deal , you pay me , i pay the government and they pay the bond holders ... oh something wrong there but you get the drift , all our prices include VAT , we can give you a breakdown no problem at all and that's when you will see real value for money.

So to finish off  because i have to go deliver a rocky road cake to a charity event , think about this , when you are having an event should it be a Family Party , Wedding or Corporate Catering do you want The Professionals to do it Or Mickey Mouse......... ask a few questions just to see what you are really getting and better still is it really what you want ! ..... talk soon , next blog will be a recipe......!/thecrestcateringcompany


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