Monday, June 28, 2010

New Cookery Classes Announced - Cook Yourself Thin with Chef Martin Anderson

Cook Yourself Thin Cookery Course
Over the last 6 months i have gone on a stictly "cook yourself thin " regime with the aid of slimming world, it's a slow on going process and so far i have lost 21lb (10kg). Every week slowly losing a little , the basis of this diet is cutting completly down on your fat and sugar intake but at the same time eating plenty of good , fresh and local food . At first i lost nothing and it was only when i started to write down what i ate  that i discovered i was eating so much of my own good home cooking and scones , when i adjusted this the weight started to fall off. As a result of this sucess we are announcing the introduction of a cook yourself thin cookery class , 2.5 hours of intense cooking and recipes , we will point out the correct methods of cooking low fat but tasty food, give advice on where , when and how to prepare meals for yourself and your family , giving helpful hints on getting the best flavours from what usually people consider bland foods, keep an eye out for my face book updates.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Crest Catering Company News, Recipes and Ready-to-go Products

Once again it is a glorious day here in Donegal, we are very excited here
at the moment , we are in the final stages of setting up our retail products. As you know our scones are available in several retail outlets here in the Letterkenny area, following on from that we are moving into the prepared food's market.We will start off with prepared lasagne,chicken tikka ,rice ,stuffing and of course the breads and scones.Our labels are designed , packaging is approved and the customers are waiting ! keep an eye out for your updates on face book and twitter for how we are progressing. Any of you have any special requests for recipes or cookery tips, simply ask and you shall receive.
Have a great weekend one and all.

Sneaky Peek at Our New Food Packaging Labels

Here is a wee sneaky peek at our new labels, those of you with a keen eye will see that Lurgybrack is spelled wrong , that has been amended . The photo was taken by a friend of mine , Sabina , the rest of the photos are available on my Facebook  , we had a great evening taking the photo's a lot of work but the results are fantastic , keep an eye out for the updates, take care, Chef Anderson