Thursday, July 29, 2010

scones quality weight loss

hi folk's just anther wee blog to keep you all informed on what is happening with the catering company and the weight loss programme , firstly the positive , i have lost now 2st ,or if you like, 28lb or just over 12kg so far since april 2010. all this is down to hard work and healthy eating and support from sandra at Slimming World , letterkenny. As i said before we will be starting cook yourself thin cookery classes in mid september , not so much about the dish's but the method of cookery , low fat with loads of taste , we will try to get you off all those ready prepered meals and back into the kitchen , starter, main courses , baking and of course desserts. i intend to have at least anothe 1st , 5kg off before that !! here's hoping !
The other issue i have is regards my homemade scones. i Make the scones here everyday for the next day  or as the market requires , if you don't sell them then i won't keep on making more and flood the market , we are very dissapointed that one of our stores has decided to go back to selling the frozen , mass produced , inferior , downsized and budget priced scones, can the public really have that bad a taste that they went for these instead of mine ?? when in the same breath and the same week a new outlet that we began supplying sold 160 fresh scones !! we do not use additives , preservitaves and each scone is made by my good hand , using quality ingrediants under health board approved conditions !! as they say however onwards and upwards, to those of you who enjoy them , we thank you very much and those of you haven't had any yet , well seek them out and give them a try , you will discover the difference, thank you.