Sunday, October 24, 2010

Five years already

well it seems i have neglected the blog for a bit so here is another wee update, i still have the weight off and keeping control of it so far, not easy when you are on the go all the time.
the cookery school is open 5 years now , hard to believe and one of the students for the last class was one of the students for the first so that was nice, i don't even think she realised that, must tell her and give a wee gift, on the cookery school train of thought i see that there are 2 more place in letterkenny getting geared up to start teaching classes, there was a time when it was hard to find one , now all you have to do is roll down the window of the car stick your hand out and you will hit one passing. It is difficult out there to keep ahead of everyone but we are one of the better schools here in the northwest , I have 26 years of catering experience behind me and i've seen and done a lot. One of the classes is actually going to be taught by someone that came to me , so remember you are getting the recipes 3rd hand !! I stole them first !!
We have started to produce some of our own foods for retail and catering sale, the meat comes from Hillsborough Farm Shop, Ramelton, a family run business and after a shakey start we are now working well together, they are the sponsers of the radio show that i'm on every wednesday morning on highland radio , we will be hosting an evening too soon at the shop to show of thier christmas products and show case some of mine. ok that's all for tonight , will try to keep blogging through the week.


  1. is the radio show online? could I listen to it here in Hawaii?

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